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First, I would like to thank you for visiting the official blog of Room 050 productions. We have been working diligently to bring you quality content to make you laugh, think and maybe even cry.

What is Room 050 Productions?
Room 050 Productions is an internet based media company started by a group of friends in Los Angeles, California. Our goal is to consistently provide quality media and informative content. The current primary focus of Room 050 is comedic short films, but we do much more than just comedy. Our resident fashion guru, Seth Brundle, has consistently been teaching the art of “thrifting” through the use of his own blog for the past few years, and 3D design artist, STAR, has been providing 3D design tutorials through his blog Star3D Art.

Who is Room 050?
Room 050 is a collection of friends from all different walks of life that through some twist of fate have assembled in the city of Los Angeles and connected to bring you what will be the best enteratinment to be found on the web today. The members of Room 050 have come together, each with their own set of personal skills, to not only entertain, but to educate and motivate. Whether your interest lie in music, film, comedy, fashion, graphic art and design, food or whatever it may be… the members of Room 050 have you covered!

The Room 050 Story…
The Room 050 origins date back to the year 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia. After having met in their freshman dorm, B.R. Brazeal, and befriending each other at Morehouse College, the four founding members, ready to get out of the dorms but not ready to forfeit the luxury of being on campus, decided to move into the Morehouse Suites adjacent to campus. Fed up with their previous roommates and not willing to take a chance with the dorm roulette, the members decided to room with each other to prevent having to deal with any undesired roommates. The four were placed into a four bedroom suite, Room 050, located in the Morehouse Suites West Building, basement level.
Morehouse Suites West
Throughout the year, living in close quarters, the four became great friends, developing a bond and a brotherhood that has lasted throughout the years. They began to identify themselves as Room 050, and very proudly represented as such. The year was filled with great times and stories for the ages, including the making of the comedy album jokingly titled "Koontastic Voyage, Vol. 1".
Koontastic Voyage, Vol.1 Cover
Following that sophomore year in the suites, Room 050 decided it was time to move away from campus life and move into their own apartments and eventually into a house. After moving out of the Morehouse Suites, Room 050 began adding members and while in their house became House Party legends, throwing some of the greatest house parties the Atlanta University Center has ever seen.
One of many Room 050 house parties
After many fun years, the time came for Room 050 to graduate and leave the years of undergraduate behind. Some went to pursue careers, others to pursue graduate and specialized degrees, some remained in Atlanta and others returned home, but through it all Room 050 has remained and grown bigger and stronger. Tired of living mundane lives stuck in mediocrity a conversation took place that inspired the beginning of an empire. Now with members from all over, with talents and skills that range from directing to writing to design to whatever, Room 050 has reassembled centrally in Los Angeles and come together with one common goal in mind: Bring you the finest entertainment today!

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