Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Homie Julian

The Homie Julian
We hope you enjoy the first of many productions from Room 050!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Room 050 Presents "The Homie Julian" coming 3.16.11 Teaser Poster and Stills

The first Feature short from Room050 Productions officially releases Wednesday March 16, 2011.

Please follow:

Starring:    Oduduwa Olatunji (
                 Thomas Frasier
Directed and Filmed by:
                 Frederic Altman (
                 James Washington
                 Nelson Hill
                 Chris McMullen (
Production assistant:
                 Marquis Cannon (
Teaser Poster by:
                Ernest Alfonso (
                Sean Owens (

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Koontastic Voyage, Vol. 1

For those still wondering what it is we do here at Room 050, well quite simply the best answer is… HAVE FUN! We just try to have our fun in a slightly different; more productive, creative (and slanderous) manner than some others, and it’s been that way for years.

What started off as a typically unproductive day years ago back at Morehouse, Room 050 dug a little deeper and struck comedic gold, which we affectionately call “the Koontastic Voyage, Vol. 1”. With nothing but a microphone in a dorm room, this day would bring about the origins of a Room 050 classic and everyone’s favorite comic MC/singer/songwriter – Jackie Salvatore.

Room 050's own... Jackie Salvatore
Stuck in the Morehouse Suites, Room 050 took a microphone and a dream, and turned it into one of the most entertaining and amusing (well at least to us – you make your own judgments) bodies of work to date. With no real recording software, we were forced to play the track on the computer speakers in the background so that the mic would pick it up along with the lyrics (When you listen to the songs, this is so blatantly obvious – but it adds to the humor and the authenticity of it).  After its completion several members even took it to the road – dressed as Jackie Salvatore and the gang, performing at a local nightspot.

Jackie Salvatore and Room 050 performing R&B Thugs
Inspired by the events and surroundings of the Atlanta University Center and things that happened in and around Room 050 – We bring you the “Koontasic Voyage, Vol. 1” [2004]