Monday, April 4, 2011

WingTown Cafe Oakland

Good Day World... It has been a minute since we have made a post since the launch of "The Homie Julian". We hoped you enjoyed it - we are working hard to bring you the next thing from Room 050, but until then Room 050 would like to take the time to promote things that those close to us have been working on.

Not too long ago Room 050 took a road trip North from Los Angeles to visit a friend in the Bay Area for his birthday. Upon our arrival we filled the night with drinks and a few games of billiards.

As we concluded our trip we decided to make a last stop at his newly opened Hot Wing Restaurant, "Wing Town Cafe" in East Oakland and enjoyed some of the best wings we have had. At his store they have a signature sauce that they have affectionately called "OOH WEE!" and since our departure I have honestly been thinking about driving back up to the Bay just to get some more. For all those in the Bay, I encourage you to make a visit to Wing Town Cafe @ 1462 High ST., Oakland, CA 94601
Seth Brundle ordering his OOH WEE!

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